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on the island of Malta

1 December 2012

Trappist Beers come to Malta

We are introducing real TRAPPIST ales to Malta with beers from the Abbey of the Sacred Heart at Westmalle, from Saint Benedictus abbey at Achel and from Abbaye de Notre Dame de Saint Remy in Rochefort.

We also sell Abbey beers under the Augustijn, Bornem and Maredsous brands. the Augustinian St Stefanus Abbey is in Gent, the St Bernardous Abbey at Bornem, and the Maredsous Abbey near Dinant all exist and have monks based at them, but none of the 3 actually brew beer - they all did once but have during the last century agreed licensing agreements so that commercial breweries produce the beer and the Abbeys receive royalties. Augustijn and Bornem are brewed at Van Steenberge and Maredsous at Duvel Moortgat.

But 6 Abbeys in Belgium and 1 in the Netherlands, 1 in Austria and 1 in the USA do actually brew and only these can use the term TRAPPIST. The Abbeys brew and sell beer to raise money to maintain the abbey.

We are bringing to Malta beers from 3 of the Belgian ones. We also supply beer from the sole Dutch tappist brewery exclusively for Tad Dutch restaurnt in Qala and home delivery

Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred heart at Westmalle near Antwerpen has a moderately large brewery and is probably the largest of the 6. They are usually credited with creating the beer styles called Dubbel and Tripel, much copies by commercial breweries. Dubbels are dark malty beers with a strength of 6 to 8% whilst Tripels are blond beers with a strength of 8 to 9.5%. We have both Westmalle Dubbel and Westmalle Tripel

Saint Benedictus-Abbey at Achel near the Belgian border with the Netherlands brewed beer unto 1917 when the brewery was destroyed during the war.They only re started brewing in 1998 and are still very small but are already held in high regard by beer experts. We have Achel Blond which is an 8% ale in the Blond style

Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy near Rochefort has a small brewery with a huge reputation for strong dark ales - they only brew dark beers. They helped set up Achel above. We have 2 of their beers. Rochefort 8 is their main product, it is dark and fruity and is 9.2% alcohol. Rochefort 10 is 11.3% alcohol and very complex. A sipping beer, a night cap on a cool winters night, a dessert after a meal, an alternative to port. And its expensive too.

De Koningshoeven Brewery is within the walls of the abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven in the Netherlands uses the "La Trappe" branding and has had a controversial history due to its involvement with commercial brewing companies and was stripped of its "TRAPPIST" status. But that is behind them them, they are a TRAPPIST brewery again and are of a similar size to Westmalle. And they brew a side range of beer styles

For more information about the breweries and their beers look at the "oue breweries" and "our beers" pages shown on the bar across the top of this page